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Duty Leather is an online store that sells only public safety products manufactured in the USA by Perfect Fit Shield Wallets. The site operator has years of experience with these products through technology consulting with the manufacturer.There are no physical Duty Leather stores.

Customized items, such as cases and wallets with badge recesses, are made to order usually within one business day. You will need to know which badge cutout you need. Cutouts are documented on Perfect Fit's Cutout Guide. A lot of listings are pre-configured for certain departments or agencies. If you do not work for that specific department, the recess for that product will not fit your badge.

Duty Leather was developed by Autolycus Technology LLC in June, 2016.


Duty Leather does not sell badges. Please note that if any product images include a badge in a wallet or holder, the badge is not included with the product. If you need a badge, there are a number of manufacturers which sell through uniform stores, online vendors and agency quartermasters.